My Landy has a Penthouse suite!!

For the last few years we have been using a Howling Moon 1.6m Roof Top Tent (RTT) and annex for our camping with the Landy. Well, the family is getting older and bigger (except for Luisa of course, she constantly loses weight and ages like Benjamin Button, soon there will be nothing left). Keelan is almost a teenager and looks well on his way to being a 15 year old six footer. I am not the smallest either so the 1.6 m tent was starting to become a bit cramped and using the annex every time we camp is becoming a bit of a hassle. Our camp set up has always been to use the annex only for longer stays and to share the RTT for single night stops. Jessica would sleep by our heads and this worked well. But for a year and a half on the road we needed to make some changes. The tent itself would have absolutely no problems with such a long trip as the entire structure, including poles and fabric is still in excellent condition.

While Espen and Malin from were visiting us they met up with a group of fellow Scandinavians who were touring Africa in Nissan Patrols. The one Patrol had the 2.4 m Tourer on the roof rack which Espen thought would work perfectly for us so he came back with the suggestion and a few photos. We did some measurements and agreed that this option would definately work for us. So we spoke to the kind people at Howling Moon and put together a sponsorship proposal which, thankfully, they accepted. They would just need some time to make up the tent for us. Awesome!

(We originally chosese the 2.4 m and had intended to buy it but, as often happens with internet purchases, the seller had advertised the tent incorrectly and by the time we had paid for it and had it delivered by the courier it was too late to return it)

The Howling Moon 2.4 Tourer RTT finally arrived on Friday afternoon after a bit of a hassle with the couriers. Being the impatient oversized toddler that I am I couldn’t wait to get started with the installation.

First we started by mounting the load rails onto the base of the tent which was an interesting but easy job. The tent came with installation instruction so even I couldnt make a mess of it.

We removed the 1.6 tent with a little bit of muscle and then prepped the load bars for the swop. The 2.4 we slid up over the bonnet (hood) and onto the load bars, lined up and secured.

What I am really loving about this tent is the quality, the huge sleeping space and the ease with which the cover can be removed and replaced even when all of our winter bedding is left inside. I am sure that with a bit of practice I will be able to open and close the tent unassisted and within a few minutes. Just lying in the tent with the windows open made us dream of the views we will be seeing from those windows in the future. The beaches, mountains, deserts, snow, rain, sunshine and whatever a cross continental journey can throw at us. I am ready to go today!

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