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Press Release - Travel The Planet Overland Field Manual- 2nd Edition


Learn the secrets of global travel from the overland experts


Written to inspire and inform, the Travel the Planet Overland Field Manual is the second edition of the exceedingly popular book first published by Graeme and Luisa Bell in 2016, with 70% new content! A decade lived full time on the road, across five continents, has taught the Bell family how to thrive and survive the overland lifestyle. The manual includes comprehensive topics ranging from choosing and building your own vehicle to making money on the road, staying healthy, raising and educating children, dealing with border crossings, living in the great outdoors and everything in between. The Bell’s share their hard earned knowledge and wisdom with the reader.


Reviews of the first edition are a testimony to the excellence of this full color, hard cover manual, which has been described as one of the most valuable and entertaining (overland) guide books ever written.


Due to consistent requests for new information from followers and the meteoric growth of the overland travel lifestyle, Graeme and Luisa have committed the time and resources to compile a second edition of Travel the Planet Overland. Practical chapters on a variety of fascinating subjects are complimented by unforgettable images from around the globe - the book is as inspiring as it is informative. From armchair travelers to world explorers this book has something for everyone and every page is entertaining.


The first edition of Travel the Planet Overland was funded by a Kickstarter campaign which achieved 400% funding, the current campaign is expected to exceed that success.


To secure your full color, hard cover copy of this instant classic, click on this link.




‘What I love about this book is how Graeme and Luisa’s love of life and travel really shine through in its text, while providing practical information and a healthy dose of their tongue-in-cheek South African humour. This is not a dry, scientific expeditioner’s guide to travelling the world. This is the antithesis. A book that can keep your attention while providing good information based on common, real world experiences. It not only gives the reader the Bells’ viewpoint but also from other adventurers’. Scott Brown 4xOverland

‘...Those miles, and the years required to travel them, have made all four of the Bells experts of overlanding. A testament to the creativity of the book is the fact it’s fun to read even if you never want to leave your own zip code. For those who plan to push further afield, Travel the Planet Overland should find a spot under the front seat where it can be accessed quickly when a border guard gives you a sideways glance or your hub bearings go flying into the bush’. Christophe Noel - Expedition Portal

"Travel The Planet Overland is what all guide books should strive to be. Each page is packed with valuable information, but presented in a way that keeps readers interested and entertained cover to cover. The Bell’s writing is witty, easy to understand, and full of anecdotes that will help you actually remember their advice in the field. To put it simply, where most guide books read like an overly verbose professor, TTPO is like having a beer with an experienced overlander around the fire; helpful, to the point, and entertaining as all hell”. Chris Cordes, Managing Editor, Expedition Portal

’The photography/photographs really stand out in this hard back edition and found myself flicking through initially to look at the pictures. It has the quality of a good photo book and seeing a picture of the Land Rover on a full page picture was quite a nice change from other books of this ilk’. Wayne Hooper, Goodreads.


‘If you can find a copy buy it, well worth it!  I loved reading this book. Part of me secretly wants to do a similar trip and it was great to ride shotgun along their path to making their dream come true. The book is packed with first hand information and tips on making your 1 week, 1 month or around the world trip more successful. There were several tips I took down to update my rig and travel style to try and see if it would work for me. Lots of practical knowledge’. Amazon reviewer.


The Bell Family Bio


Graeme and Luisa Bell have dedicated their lives to full time overland travel and, together with their children Keelan and Jessica, have explored from Cape Town to Kenya, circumnavigated South America, driven from Argentina to Alaska, the United Kingdom to Turkey and crossed West Africa.They have only just begun.


The couple are consistently successful entrepreneurs and were practising immigration specialists before reinventing themselves as authors, artists, photographers, mechanics, on the road teachers and mentors to their two children.


They are professional travelers and Graeme is the author of five books dedicated to the families journey, constantly striving for independence and self sufficiency.  Graeme has been contributing to Expedition Portal and Overland Journal since 2015.


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