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He surely cannot be expected to part with the campaign furniture and she simply must have the luggage. Truth be told she only needs the children because of the monthly maintenance payments and only wants the M&M luggage because he loves the set so dearly. I don’t blame him for divorcing her.


You see, Melvill and Moon make products for men.


Men who effort effortlessly, men who seldom have manicured beards or beer bellies, never tattoos, and are as comfortable in the boardroom or bedroom as they are sailing a yacht or motivating an orange Defender across the Malaysian jungle to the tune of Carmina Burana, while chuckling at the lyrics. They are Old Spice men.

No Defender is complete without M&M seat covers. We have had our set for four years and they are yet to tear or even stain despite the constant abuse of a large sweaty family who travel to dirty places. Not one zip has broken or even a beautifully embossed metal button has come loose. The white canvas bag which the seat covers were delivered in has served as our laundry bag and not one thread has come unstitched, the printed logo almost as bright as the day we received it.  


Next time you hear someone lament that, “they just don’t make them like they used to” have him visit the nearest Melvill and Moon stockist. If he can’t afford the product he simply does not understand the value.


I think they should change their motto to “Clama Semel” (Cry Once).


Melvill and Moon manufacture a broad range of high end handmade safari luggage, campaign furniture, canvas and leather safari accessories and safari-style seat covers. Their slogan is “Laudator temporis acti”, essentially meaning “praiser of a time past”.People who play polo and eat at restaurants, my friends and I can barely afford, tend to make intelligent purchases. They buy clothes which last, vehicles which don’t break, shoes which never lose their shine and wives who know how to suffer discretely. When the eventual divorce settlement is hammered out, the alimony agreed and one of the holiday homes handed over, the only items left on the table to be hotly contested are the children and the Melvill and Moon set.


Land Rover 130
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