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Four years ago we were in Portugal preparing for the West African journey and our friend Billy suggested that we should try out the General Grabber X3, a tire which he considers the best on the market. He even went so far as to have a set delivered to us before we left for Morocco (you are a legend Billy).

We were so impressed by the performance of the X3 in the deserts of the Sahara and the mixed extreme terrain of Western Africa that last year we published a review of the X3 in the Overland Journal confirming that these are, in fact, the best mud terrain tires we have ever used!

A few months ago General Tire USA reached out to us and we have since installed a new set of X3's for the Cape Town to Vladivostok journey with the help of General Tire South Africa. The previous set are still in excellent condition and would likely have lasted all the way to Russia.

Those of you who have followed our adventures know that we only work with the best and we are stoked to be setting off on the longest possible overland journey knowing that we have General Tire in our corner and an excellent set of MT's which will serve us faultlessly. Yeehah!!

Nimbl campers are in a class of their own. Hand built by talented craftsmen in Colfax, California, the Nimbl camper is exceptional and unique, the type of overland vehicle which boasts the comfort and capability to take you reliably on a round-the-world adventure. We know this because we have spent most of 2022 exploring the USA and Central America in Proto, one of the very first Nimbl campers to be built, and we have had the joy of exploring with Blue, the 2021 demo camper. Based on our experiences with these vehicles, we sat down with the Nimbl management and steered them towards the current Nimbl demo, the mighty Max (or The Black Pearl as we like to call her). Yes, this is a premium product, but it is built by engineers and experienced overland travelers to be absolutely practical, The Swiss Army Knife of overland vehicles. Have a look here


We were first introduced to Wagan Tech while we were in Florida planning a trip across the US in an old, borrowed Range Rover Classic. Thank goodness they sent us a Cube 1200 Lithium battery, flashlights, and emergency lights. I say thank goodness because, without that electrical wizardry, we would have been paddling a leaky ship up a waterfall. While the Range Rover is pure class and super cool, it was not reliable at all, and the fuse box had to be fondled regularly for the entire electrical system to function. Wagan products kept us powered and connected, and we have developed a firm friendship that continues to this day. Based in San Francisco, Wagan Tech is American-owned and run, and the products they produce are of the highest quality. We only work with the best. Check them out here

Our Snomaster fridge has not had an easy life so far, it has travelled across three continents and has endured beaten, undulating third world roads, extreme temperatures and unreliable power sources. When we hunker down in a brick and mortar home for a few weeks the fridge is dragged indoors and used as a backup or primary fridge. We have lost the power chords and have broken a remote or two but the fridge soldiers on despite the constant use and abuse.

Now, if only we had space for a Snomaster ice maker…

Snomaster CL56D Classic Series Stainless Steel AC/DC Fridge/Freezer -


In 2012 we took delivery of a box of clothing from Craghoppers, we were off to conquer the planet and they agreed to clothe us, partially. We were young, ambitious and determined. Last month they sent us another box of clothing, including a set of boots for each of us. I have friends whose marriages have not lasted as long as our friendship with a clothing brand. Are we biased? Absolutely, but it is the bias of knowledge and experience. My children have hiked Torres Del Paine wearing Craghoppers clothing and we have swapped and shared articles of clothing as they grew. We still have almost every article of Craghoppers clothing we have ever possessed.


We work with companies and brands that are aligned with the same objectives as we have. If you have a product that you would like to have tested or reviewed, please contact us at

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