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The Rebuild

A Defender Super Camper Built to Conquer the Globe

We converted our trusty Land Rover Defender double cab 130 into a bespoke camper. With our own hands!

(Please read before contacting us with questions!)

We loved our Howling Moon roof top tent - it was massive, the largest roof tent on the market in 2011 when we first installed it, and the 2.4m x 2.4m sleeping area was perfect accommodation for my wife, I and two young children. Fast forward to 2016 and, though we still loved the tent, we realised that it was time for a change if we were to continue travelling the planet in our Land Rover Defender 130. We had been living out of that tent permanently since we had shipped from South Africa to Uruguay in 2012, camping an average of 330 days of every year, cooking off the tailgate of the Landy and living outdoors.

Mafuta the Landy in Mozambique, 2010.jpg
Mafuta meets a Masaai (FILEminimizer).jp
Finally a paved road after nothing but m