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The Ultimate Overlanders Christmas List

Those who know us, know that we are minimalist overlanders. Our gear must last and serve dual purposes and we have no time, money or space for the superfluous. It is a state of mind which ensures that we have the time and resources to fulfill our dream of travelling the planet, to keep us inspired, healthy, happy and informed. The following is a list of gear which we find essential. Full disclosure, we are not being paid to list any of these products (except commission on the Snomaster fridge), I wish we were. NB: some of these products are not available for purchase but substitutes may be available.

LifeSaver Jerry Can 20000UF - USD300

The LifeSaver water filtration system does what it says on the box by filtering out 99% of all the crap which contaminates water. It has now become our number 1 system for the storage of and purification of water - gone are the days of filling our water tanks with hoses and large single use plastic containers as we can source water almost anywhere. We used the jerry can when staying in an apartment in Portugal and a hurricane hit the city which compromised the water supply, we used the jerry can when we were stranded in the Moroccan mountains for four days and we use the jerry can every day to fill the kettle for morning tea. We also have the Liberty water bottles, which we fill from the jerry can rendering our drinking water double filtered. Both the jerry can and water bottles have leaking issued if over pressurised, which is not a huge problem at all.

Overland Journal Magazine. Gift subscriptions from $45.00

In the world of the internet many publications have abandoned quality and integrity for quantity. Overland Journal is a publication which has retained it’s integrity and delivers a world class dose of inspiration to your home, phone or computer quarterly. A subscription for yourself or loved one is money well spent and it is a gift you can enjoy throughout the year.

Sony AM FM radio ICF - SW11 - USD250 (discontinued by manufacturer but available on Amazon)

We bought this radio in 2014 to listen to the BBC World Service as we travelled through the Amazon. Since then it has accompanied us almost every night as we watch the sun set and has entertained us on four continents. To be honest we hardly ever use any of the AM bands, the FM is sufficient. Being a Sony product it is built to last and used daily, it has withstood the harsh overland life, using two batteries once every four or five months. The radio pipes local music, language and culture into our lives, wherever we may be.

Thetford Porta Potti 145.  Approx. USD50

What a game changer. For six years we have been digging holes and hovering at communal ablutions. But enough is enough. When we rebuilt our Landy we were sure to build a space for the storage of a compact, flushable toilet. It is not glamorous but not gross at all to use and maintain. A splash of chemicals in the poop cassette, a splash of water for flushing and a family of four can relieve themselves daily with guaranteed privacy and sanitation. Emptying the cassette is the mans job and requires a quick gulp of breath, empty, rinse and reattach (Luisa put on such a performance the first time she emptied it, it was clear it was a job she was keen to outsource).

National Geographic Africa Atlas - USD27 used or USD85 new on Amazon

Unfortunately this Atlas is now out of print and difficult to source but if you are set to overland Africa and take a bit of time to search the internet, you should find a copy. Large and bulky (and slightly out of date) it is not ideal for overland travel until you are in the middle of nowhere in Mozambique, the sun is setting, your headlights are broken and the GPS has committed suicide. Then the Atlas is worth it’s weight in unobtanium. With detailed maps of every country and major city in Africa as well as a