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“You are all going to die”

“Are you insane, what about ISIS and Boko Haram and the civil wars?!”

“Why can’t you just take the easy route?”

“So, I guess you have never heard of Ebola?”


The reception was not entirely popular when the Bell family announced that they would be driving the length of Western Africa in their Land Rover Defender, Mafuta. They received messages from serious people suggesting that they might want to reconsider the route and instead drive the relatively easy East African route to Southern Africa. But, if the family had obeyed warnings they would never have left home in the first place, would not have explored five continents by Land Rover, solo and would not have found the secrets of the planet.


The West African route is the last great overland route where all elements combine in an adventure unlike any other on earth - bureaucracy, war, poverty, desert, rain forest mud, incredible people, dangerous people, hope, respect, kindness and beauty. This is the fifth book by Graeme Bell which brings to life a journey intense, a journey of Mud, Malaria, Guns and Miracles.

Mud, Malaria, Guns & Miracles


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